AI Training

We help teams, teachers, and organizations learn to leverage AI for good.

Teacher Training

Adapt to changing technology, empower students, and run an informed and prepared classroom.

In coordination with experienced school teachers, we developed an in-person training workshop to prepare educators for the reality of AI in the coming school year. Our comprehensive course ensures you are ready and capable to successfully educate in this new reality we face.

This is the agenda that we train during a 4 hour in depth workshop.

Introduction to AI (Knowledge is Power)

  • What is AI? What is ChatGPT? What is Wolfram Alpha?
  • How ChatGPT works (for Written/Humanities)
  • How Wolfram Alpha works (for STEM)
  • AI’s capabilities and limitations

AI in Education (Defense and Opportunity)

  • Can we ban AI?
  • Do AI detectors work?
  • Ethics and normalization
  • Defenses against cheating
  • AI-assisted education rubric
  • Ensuring undisrupted learning
  • Structuring education for AI awareness

Interactive lessons and group exercises (Preparing for 2023/2024)

  • Citing/Sourcing AI generated knowledge
  • AI as a tutor exercise
  • Prompting strategies
  • Lesson plan improvements

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